DE: Deluxe Edition

New functions

Deluxe Edition games can be now in cellphones and tablets.

Present box To Go!

Coin Feature To Go!

Voiced Stories?! (HD,To Go!,DE,and Normal)(Japanese and English)


All but more locals:

  • Rene
  • Eduard
  • Ken
  • Iruka
  • Kenshio
  • Yuzuma
  • Kuina
  • Kanaka
  • Loita
  • Huira
  • Nakayma


1st Half:

Christmas (Santa)

New Years (Xandra)

Valentine's Day (Scarlett)

St. Paddy's Day (Georgito)

Easter (Cletus)

Cinco De Mayo (Maggie)

Summer Luau (Chuck)

Starlight BBQ (Marty)

Back To School (Soichiro)

Chilli Fest (Rico)

Halloween (Willow)

Thanksgiving (Sienna)

2nd Half:

Candy Fest (Nakayma)

NewsFest (Mainata)

Strawberry Fest (Unisho)

Lucky Lucky Matsuri (Kenshio)

April Fools Day (Gremmie)

Mom's Day (Clair)

ChocoFest (Yuki)

Summer New Fest (Hacky Zak)

Pirate Bash (Captain Cori)

Teacher Day (Professor Fitz)

Flag Day (Alberto)

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