Akari is a teenage girl with black hair who first appeared in Papa's Burgeria and all other gamerias to date ever since. She appeared as a closer in Papa's Taco Mia!, and from Papa's Freezeria onwards she became a normal customer. Her mother is Boomer, her little sisters are Tohru and Beth, and her little brother is Nick.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Burgerburgh

Loves: Courier

Hates: Red Lights

Occupation: Motorcycle Delivery Courier Akari is a highly skilled motorcyclist who loves life in the fast lane. By day, she is an independent motorcycle courier, delivering important packages across the city at lightning speed. By night, Akari can be found revving up at the Tacodale Speedway where she'll race anyone who's up for the challenge.


Akari is a female who has light-tone skin, and black hair worn in a ponytail with a yellow hairband. She wears a black jacket with silver zippers and yellow stripes on the sleeves with an orange shirt underneath the jacket, orange and yellow-striped pants, and black shoes with golden yellow laces and silver soles. She also sports black goggles with orange shades on her forehead.

Clean up

After her cleanup, Akari's jacket got redesigned and she has a piece of hair hanging from her goggles.

Pinkie's Next Chefs

She defeated Lisa in Round 2 of the Starlight Sparkler Division but lost to Boomer in the division finals.



She, Allan, Janana, Kahuna, Ivy, Hegan, Rapunzel and Alice are all fans of bananas,