Albert is a male character who made his first appearance as a closer in Papa's Donuteria Deluxe Edition! He is Rudy's twin brother and Bridget's boyfriend.

Flipdeck Info

He and Bridget joined Scarlett and the Shakers recently, Albert has a bass guitar that's identical to Rudy's even though his favorite color is purple. Albert grew up in the town "Toastwood" and Guy Mortallo was always his enemy because, Albert always had things stolen buy him and called 911 several times. He also lived in a town called "Cucumberland" which was the place he moved from Toastwood to say away from that thief.


Albert has the same hairstyle but has purple hair, purple t shirt with a skull, white vest and pants and wears purple shoes with purple laces. He also has a Nutty Butter Cup Tattoo on his back.