Anchor Grill is a holiday which made their appearance first in Papa's Grilleria Rank 11.

Holiday Unlocked With Next Holiday Previous Holiday
Anchor Grill Robby Halloween BaconDance Festival

Customer who likes this holiday:

  • Robby (Unlocked)
  • Captain Cori
  • Sarge Fan!
  • Ninjoy
  • Johnny
  • Penny
  • James
  • Rico

The Update Speech:

Hey Everyone!

After a nice holiday break, we are getting back into the swing of things here!. We’re looking forward to all the stuff we have planned for the year, especially Papa’s Grilleria!

For this week’s Sneak Peek, we wanted to showcase a brand new holiday that will be celebrated in Mt. Meat...Anchor Grill! 


  • Anchor-Shaped Steak
  • Wooden Plate
  • Mayonnaise
  • Branch Sprinkles
  • Anchors filled with Mayonnaise


  • These ingredients are most in outside.

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