Austin is a male character who made his first appearance in Papa's Cheeseria.

Flipdeck Info Edit

Austin is a clever teenager from Toastwood. He is a part-time cashier at the local Trading Post. As one could probably guess, Austin absolutely loves Awesome Sauce. However his obsession doesn't end there, as he loves collecting empty sauce bottles of all varieties. In his room, Austin has lined the walls with every imaginable sauce bottle he could find. He was super excited to visit Sakura Bay for the opening of Papa's Sushiria. There, Austin discovered an assortment of exotic sauces that he never knew existed.

Appearance Edit

Austin is a young boy with orange hair. He wears a turquoise hoodie with an orange-white accent. At the left shoulder part of his outfit, there's an Awesome Sauce logo printed on it. He wears orange pants and a pair of black moccasins that have turquoise laces and orange patterns.

Gallery Edit

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