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Carlo is a male character who made his first appearance as a closer in Papa's Wingeria Deluxe Edition!

Flipdeck Info

Carlo was always of fan of racing. His local town used to be Sakura Bay, then moved to Starlight City to get into more of City Life. His best friends were Hegan and Denver and they knew each other very well, and also he had a lot of interests. Whenever Carlo wakes up around 3:00am he gets angry whenever he doesn't get any sleep because he doesn't like his eyes being all red. During that time, Carlo likes to visit Papa's Wingeria, although he's a closer, he is never picky about his food. But if you give him frozen wings or anything else he does not order, he will not be pleased with his order.


He makes his appearance with dark tone skin, true black eyes, dark yellow shirt with dark green pants and black shoes with white laces.