Carson is a male customer that made his first appearance in Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Edition!

Flipdeck Info Edit

He is Boomer's Brother and also a daredevil but not as famous as much as Boomer is. He has blue hair hidden under his helmet and wears a blue jacket instead of a cape and wears glasses. Also, you can see Boomer in the background blasting from that Giant Rocket.


Orders Edit

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Edition! Edit

Large Cup

Mulberry Meledy (Yum n Ems other holidays)

Jubilee Jelly Syrup (Powsicle other holidays)

Blend Smooth

Rocket Whip (Chocolate Mousse other holidays)

Cherry Topping

Lollipop Bites

Blondie (left)

Cherry (middle)

Hazlenut Swizzle (Right)

Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe Edition! Edit

Regular Pizza

20 Pepperoni (all around)

10 Provolone Stars (left) (Red Peppers in other holidays)

8 Meatballs (right)

Well Done Bake

8 Slices

Papa's Bakeria Deluxe Edition! Edit

Graham Cracker Crust

Mulberry Melody (Strawberry Filling in other holidays)

Mulberry Melody (Strawberry Filling in other holidays)

Dragonfruit Filling

Cheesecake Filling

Strawberrry Meringue

Rocket Whip (Strawberry Fluff in other holidays)

Shaved Chocolate

13 Dipped Strawberries (Banana Slices in other holidays)

Trivia Edit

In Papa's Cupcakeria DE, he is the only customer to order all of the Starlight Jubilee toppings.

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