Chester is a male customer who made his first debut as a closer

in Papa's Cheeseria.

Flipdeck Info Edit

Chester is a pessimistic old man from the town of Toastwood. He is considered somewhat of a busybody around town, and is always trying keep up-to-date on all the neighborhood gossip. Chester is convinced that the world is coming to an end. He has spent a good deal of time and money amassing supplies in his underground bunker behind his cabin. Over the years, Chester has been honing his survival skills by living off the land and forgoing most of the utilities the town of Toastwood provides its citizens.

Appearance Edit

Chester is an old man with white hair swept sideways. Chester wears a brown vest over his black sleeveless shirt. Chester wears a pair of camo pants, black shoes with brown laces, and dog tags. He also wears a green military cap with brown accent, that have two deer horns on its sides.

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