Cutsie is a female cha

racter who debuted in Papa's Wingeria DE!

Flipdeck Info

Cutsie is known for being shy, and is the only one in The Crayon Cake Girls not to be brave. She's always been that way, Cutsie once had pentophobia and she hardly overcame any of her fears. Her sisters, Cora, Blair and Bailey try to be more protective of her but when her having fear she just can't stand it any longer. There are a couple of times where she is brave but not so often. She's also a little quiet and literally does not like to talk to strangers because she never knows whether or not he/she is good, neutral or bad. Later she overcame her fears and became brave.


Cutsie is inspired by a Crayola Crayon. She is a bright blue crayon, grey eyes, medium sized eyebrows and wears grey eye shadow and dark blue lipstick. She loves to wear makeup but several times always forgets to put it on.