Denver is a male character who made his first appearance in Papa's Wingeria Deluxe Edition!

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Starlight City

Loves: Cooking

Hates: Rare Burgers

Occupation: Papa's Donuteria Worker

Denver grew up in Toastwood, which is now his hometown "Starlight City." He is certainly picky about his food, but not too picky, but slightly. When he moved to Starlight City, he continues to keep building up his life by filling himself with building fantastic memories. He was Hegan and Carlo's best friend.


He makes his appearance with orange skin, light ambrish brown eyes, green shirt, red pants and yellow shoes with blue laces.


Fan Art


  • He and Fauna have very similar personalities.
  • He usually gets nervous when starting a match in a PNC tournament
  • He and Elsa won first in PNC2017 to work at Papa's Donuteria.
  • Kitty and Dudley lost in The first PNC Tournament.