The Drink Station is the fourth station in Papa's Pancakeria Deluxe Edition! It is where you make drinks before there customer's breakfast is finished.


  • Coffee (start)
  • Decaf (start)
  • Mocha (Unlocked with Bruna Romano)
  • Hazelnut (Unlocked with Belle)
  • Cranberry Juice (Unlocked with Daphne)
  • Apple Juice (Unlocked with Alaska)
  • Orange Juice (Unlocked with Velma)
  • Milk (Unlocked with Tony)
  • Tea (Unlocked with Mrs. Potts)
  • Chai Tea (Unlocked with Crystal)
  • Vanilla Chai (Unlocked with Connor)
  • Blue Raspberry Juice (Unlocked with Rudy)
  • Black Tea (Unlocked with Merryweather)
  • Espresso (Unlocked with Timm)

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