Eugentsons Edit


  • Cookie Eugentson ( 3 ) ( Cooper's tabby cat who comes to the Pancakeria with him


  • Gregory " Greg " Eugentson ( 9 ) ( Cooper and Hope's brother who debuted in WPA and is absent in Freezeria. He has a crush on Julep.
  • Hope Eugentson ( 16 ) Greg and Cooper's sister, and the only daughter of Mary and James. She debuted in Pastaria and has a crush on Hacky Zak.
  • Cooper Eugentson ( 23 ) The brother of Cooper and Hope, absent in Freezeria and works in Pancakeria. He has a crush on Prudence.


  • Mary Eugentson ( 42 ) The sister of James and the mother of Cooper, Hope and Greg. She is absent in Freezeria.
  • James Eugentson ( 53 ) The brother of Mary, the uncle of Cooper, Hope and Greg. He is absent in Freezeria and works in Cupcakeria.
  • Murray " Mayor Mallow " Eugentson ( 73 ) The father of James and the grandfather of Greg, Cooper and Hope. He is the mayor of Frostfield.

Hiroshinos Edit


  • Nicholas " Nick " Hiroshino ( 17 ) A boater who lives in Tacodale with his family. He is absent in Freezeria. He is friends with Mitch, Kenji and Deano.
  • Tohru Hiroshino ( 15 ) The brother of Nick, the niece of Kenji and the daughter of Doan and Akari.
  • Willow Fiona Twankley (21) The daughter of Pavlo Twankey and Jane Twankley. She has a crush on James. Millie Hattie Twankley is her older sister.
  • Millie Hattie Twankley (28) in love with Sarge.� In lo hh


  • Kenji Hiroshino ( 32 ) The younger brother of Doan. He is good friends with Kent. He wins medals for eating championships. He is the uncle of Tohru and Nick.
  • Pavlo Twankley (45) owner of the zoo. He is married to Jane Twankley. Willow and Millie are his daughters. He is secretly the vampire king.
  • Jane Twankley (50) Vampire queen in secret. When she dies Willow will take her place.

Doan Hiroshino ( 43 ) The older brother of Kenji, the wife of Akari and the father of Tohru and Nick. He works at the Pastaria.

  • Akari Hiroshino ( 40 ) The wife of Doan and the mother of Tohru and Nick.
  • Brockmans


  • Ripjaw Brockman ( 5 ) Kent's vicious dog who is loyal to him and his family but attacks strangers.


  • Katrina " Trishna " Brockman ( 18 ) Kent's sister who is a fan of Tangerine Pop.
  • Bridgette " Boomer " Brockman ( 23 ) Kent's adoptive sister who is a daredevil in Starlight City.
  • Lynda " Alyssa " Brockman ( nee Simpson ) ( 29 ) Kent's girlfriend who recently got proposed to, engaged and married.

Kenneth " Kent " Brockman ( 32 ) A tough guy who ladies are attracted to, but he has to ignore their begs because he has recently married Alyssa.

Romano Family Edit

Adults Edit

  • Abe Lewis Romano (112) The oldest and wisest of the family. loves the gondola 500!
  • Little Edorado Romano (87) LOVES DA BONGOS!
  • Ghost Gorolindia Romano (99) Loves Watching Concerts
  • Olga Martinia Romano (79) Born on a vaction in Jersulam. LOVES Edorado!
  • Gino Romano (37.5) Bass Professional.
  • Bruna Romano (36) Accordion Champion
  • Caelum Martinia Romano (42)
  • Ghost Caroline Romano (19) Died from ebola
  • Olgacina Romano (28)
  • Venus la Okiaa Romano (23)
  • Okiaa Romano (18.5) Loves Olga The Most.
  • Carlo Romano (20)
  • Regina Romano (78) Olga's Sister.
  • Gino Romano Clone (37.5)

Kids Edit

  • Carlo Romano II (7)
  • Roma Tomato
  • Runt Tomato
  • Overiped Tomato
  • Standarad Tomato
  • DR. Who? Tomato

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