Fauna is a female character who made her first appearance along with Flora and Merryweather in Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Edition!

Flipdeck Info Edit

She, Flora and Merryweather are three good ferries of Princess Aurora clothed in medieval-styled dresses with a particular color predominating. In addition to the dresses, the outfits are complemented with matching capes and pointy hats secured to their heads with colored veils.

Appearance Edit

She has fair skin, brownish-gray hair in a bun, light brown eyes, green pointy hat and medival gown, clear green wings on her back.


  • When Fauna means to say teaspoon she accidentally always say tespa.
  • Green is respectfully her favorite color.

Gallery Edit

Sleeping Beauty-- Fairies are Idiots01:05

Sleeping Beauty-- Fairies are Idiots

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