Jane is a female character who made her first appearance in Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Edition! She is a cartoon classics character and the female worker at Papa's Freezeria.


Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe Edition!

  • Chocolate Chip Crust
  • Mango Cream Cheese (Cheesecake Sauce in other holidays)
  • 10 Pineapple (left)
  • 8 Kiwi Slices (right)
  • 4 Mangos (all around)
  • 8 Cut

Papa's Bakeria Deluxe Edition!

  • Traditional Crust
  • Banana Filling
  • Banana Filling
  • Pineapple Filling
  • Passionfruit Filling (Kiwi in other holidays)
  • Luau Punch Syrup (21 Kiwi Slices in other holidays)

Papa's Cupcakeria Deluxe Edition!

  • Liner D
  • Seaform Cake (Kiwi in other holidays)

Cupcake 1:

  • Teal Frosting
  • Pink Lemonade Drizzle (Apricot in other holidays)
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Lemon Wedge (Strawberry Wafer in other holidays)
  • Banana Slice
  • Paper Umbrella (Strawberry Wafer in other holidays)

Cupcake 2:

  • Pina Colada Frosting (Sunglow in other holidays)
  • Shaved Coconut
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Cloudberry
  • Cherry
  • Cloudberry


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