Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2015 is the 3rd Kingsley's Customerpalooza.


Griller Stadium Division

Frostfield Division

Portalinni Division

Powder Point Division

Griller Stadium Division

Jonothan VS Manny

Heather VS Violet

Eric VS Chris

Amy VS Thea

Eric VS Jonothan

Heather VS Amy

Winners: Eric & Heather

Frostfield Division

Carl VS Clyde

Pamela VS Julia

Kyle VS Kevin

Luz VS Francesca

Kyle VS Carl

Luz VS Pamela

Winners: Kyle & Luz

Portalinni Division

Luke VS John

Carla VS Shigeko

Cruz VS Gisueppe

Denise VS Okuni

Luke VS Cruz

Denise VS Carla

Winners: Luke & Denise

Powder Point Division

Kenny VS Don

Liz VS Harumi

Owen VS Cody

Sheila VS Lizzie

Kenny VS Owen

Sheila VS Liz

Winners: Kenny & Sheila


Kyle VS Eric

Luz VS Heather

Kenny VS Luke

boris vs nona

Luz VS Sheila


boris vs Luz



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