Lucy Van Pelt is a female character who made her first appearance in Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Edtion! She is Linus's older sister.

Flipdeck Info

Lucy was introduced into the strip on March 3, 1952 as a wide-eyed baby who constantly tormented her parents. Very early on, Schulz eliminated the circles around her eyes and allowed her to mature to the age of the other characters. She soon grew into the familiar bossy, crabby, selfish girl known to Peanuts readers today.

Lucy usually wears white and black saddle shoes and a dress. In the television specials the dress is colored blue. However, sometime in the early 1980s (definitely by 1984), she was seen more often in a sweatshirt and pants, and was seen in a dress only in strips where she flirted with Schroeder for a few more years.  Her dress was phased out completely by the 1990s.