Meygan is a girl. She first appeared in Papa Louie WPA.

Megyan Trainor

2017 clean up,haircut,and hairdye


Pizzeria: 6 Peppers all around, 10 sausages all around, 1 4th a meter, 6ths

Burgeria: Bun, Medium Patty, lettuce, onion, mustard, Bun

Burgeria HD: Bun, Medium Patty, lettuce, onion, awesome sauce, onion ring, Bun

Taco Mia: Soft Taco, pork, lettuce, guacomole, jalapenos, cheese, loco sauce

Freezeria: Large Cup, Blueberries, Strawberry Syrup, Regular Whipped Cream, tropical charms, nuts, chocholate chips, cherry, creameo, cookie

Pancakeria: Chocholate Chip  Waffle (x2) 2 butters, honey, sugar, cinnamon,  Large Cranberry Juice with Ice

Wingeria: 6 spicy garlic strips, 6 french fries, 2 green peppers, Zesty Pesto Dip

Hotdoggeria: Pretzel Bun, Cheddarwurst, ballpark mustard, mayo, wild onion sauce, chili, pickle, Large Root Beer, Large Buttered Popcorn

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