My Papa's Next Chefs 2015 for the year! WINNERS ARE HERE!


Parmesan Division

Teriyaki Division

Thai Chilli Division

Smoky Bacon Division


Parmesan Division

Parmesan 1: Johnny vs Gremmie & Clover vs Nevada

Parmesan 2: Cletus vs Kenji and Zoe vs Cecilia

Parmesan Semifinals: Johnny vs Kenji & Clover vs Cecilia

Teriyaki Division

Teriyaki 1:Timm vs Rico and Radlynn vs Olga

Teriyaki 2: Pinch Hitwell vs Greg and Sue vs Mindy

Teriyaki Semifinals: Rico vs Pinch Hitwell and Radlynn vs Mindy

Thai Chilli Division

Thai Chilli 1: Franco vs Deano and Lisa vs Ember

Thai Chilli 2: Gino Romano vs Iggy and Scarlett vs Olivia

Thai Chilli Semifinals: Deano vs Iggy and Ember vs Scarlett

Smoky Bacon Division

Smoky Bacon 1: Marty vs Rudy and Crystal vs Bertha

Smoky Bacon 2: Matt VS Little Edaordo and Scooter VS Kayla

Smoky Bacon Semifinals: Rudy VS Little Edoardo and Crystal VS Scooter


Semifinals 1: Kenji vs Deano and Clover vs Scarlett

Semifinals 2: Pinch Hitwell vs Rudy and Radlynn vs Crystal

Grand Finale

Grand Finale 1: Deano VS Pinch Hitwell and Scarlett VS Crystal

The Winners!

Winners: Deano & Scarlett

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