Papa's Burgeria Deluxe Edition! is a gameria released by 21EvanED155508.

5/13/2017: Holidays

5/29/2017: New Chefs are: Apollo and Rosa

5/29/2017: Papa's Burgeria DE is launching June 1st!

5/30/2017: NEW HOLIDAY: Smore's Day!

6/1/2017: Papa's Burgeria DE! is released



  • Regular (Start)
  • Pretzel (Unlocked with Ivy on Rank 2)
  • Chicago (Unlocked with Scooter on Rank 4)
  • Pumpernickel (Unlocked with Olga on Rank 11)
  • Focaccia (Unlocked with Big Pauly on Rank 17)


  • Wally (Tutorial)
  • Penny (After Tutorial)
  • Barbie (After Tutorial)
  • Taylor (After Tutorial)
  • Ivy (Rank 2)
  • Flynn Rider (NEW) (Rank 3)
  • Scooter (Rank 4)
  • Dudley Puppy (Rank 5)

Smore's Day

  • Chill (Rank 6)
  • Kurt (Rank 7)
  • Vincent (Rank 8)
  • Cooper P (Rank 9)
  • Martin (Rank 10)

Smore's Day (Ranks 6-16)


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