Chefs: Deano and Sasha


  • Comet Con (August) - Unlocked at Rank 6 with Iggy (Favorited by Professor Fitz, Brody, Akari, Iggy, Olivia, Wendy, Clover, Whiff)
  • Maple Mornings (September) - Unlocked at Rank 11 with Cooper (Favorited by Matt, Rudy, Foodini, Cooper, Johnny, Bruna Romano, Pinch Hitwell, James)
  • Halloween (October) - Unlocked at Rank 16 with Willow (Favorited by Big Pauly, Ninjoy, Ember, Willow, Janana, Tony, Marty, Kenji)
  • Thanksgiving (November) - Unlocked at Rank 21 with Hank (Favorited by Bertha, Taylor, Hugo, Hank, Sienna, Yui, Allan, Mitch)
  • Christmas (December) - Unlocked at Rank 26 with Santa (Favorited by Hope, Chester, Olga, Santa, Rita, Gremmie, Mayor Mallow, Crystal)
  • New Year (January) - Unlocked at Rank 31 with Xandra (Favorited by Clair, Little Edoardo, Ivy, Xandra, Rico, Robby, Franco, Connor)
  • Valentine's Day (February) - Unlocked at Rank 36 with Scarlett (Favorited by Yippy, Carlo Romano, Prudence, Scarlett, Kayla, Duke Gotcha, Sue, Roy)
  • St. Paddy's Day (March) - Unlocked at Rank 41 with Georgito (Favorited by Julep, Skyler, Edna, Georgito, Doan, Morais, Timm, Wally)
  • Easter (April) - Unlocked at Rank 46 with Cletus (Favorited by Kingsley, Mandi, Mary, Cletus, Penny, Vicky, Mindy, Greg)
  • Cherry Blossom Festival (May) - Unlocked at Rank 51 with Tohru (Favorited by Zoe, Sarge Fan, Scooter, Tohru, Cecilia, Austin, Maggie, Peggy)
  • Summer Luau (June) - Unlocked at Rank 56 with Kahuna (Favorited by Captain Cori, Trishna, Hacky Zak, Kahuna, Chuck, Nevada, Utah, Nick)
  • Starlight BBQ (July) - Unlocked at Rank 61 with Boomer (Favorited by Lisa, Steve, Scooter, Boomer, Shannon, Cherissa, Alberto, Papa Louie

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