Papa's Next Chefs 2016:


Thosse are kinds of ingredients and thosse are baby shows on Nick Jr.
  • Lucky Sevens Division (PAW Patrol)
  • Jellybeans Division (Team Umizoomi)
  • Rock Candy Division (Blue's Clues)
  • CupidBerry Derps Division (Bubble Guppies)

Lucky Sevens Division

  • Allan vs Matt & Yui vs Cherrissa
  • Wally vs Nick & Ivy vs Hope
  • Allan vs Nick & Cherrissa vs Hope

Jellybeans Division

  • Hank vs Robby & Julep vs Mindy
  • Deano vs Yippy & Wendy vs Akari
  • Robby vs Yippy & Julep vs Akari

Rock Candy Division

  • Cletus vs Hacky Zak & Bruna Romano vs Bertha
  • Big Pauly vs Kahuna & Shannon vs Olga
  • Hacky Zak vs Big Pauly & Bertha vs Shannon

CupidBerry Derps Division

  • Connor vs Iggy & Sasha vs Olivia
  • Rico vs Austin & Nevada vs Sienna
  • Connor vs Rico & Oliva vs Nevada

Semi-Finals & Final Match

  • Allan vs Robby & Hope vs Julep
  • Hacky Zak vs Rico & Shannon vs Nevada
  • Robby vs Hacky Zak & Hope vs Nevada


Hacky Zak and Hope!!

Next Gameria

  • Papa's Frieseria

Ninjoy promised to be neutral while a local girl will be a closer besides Joy & Yui because Joy & Yui were neutral.

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