New functions

New sounds (Fanmade games and canon games (New and old):

  • Custom Worker To Go!
  • Present Box To Go!
  • Events To Go!
  • Social To Go!
  • Lovers Route To Go!
  • SET Shop To Go!
  • Cooking Curriculum (To Go!, HD, Deluxe Edition and PC)
  • Custom Worker name renew (To Go!, HD, Deluxe Edition and PC)


All from Deluxe edition and To Go! but more locals.

  • Kenneth
  • Lizzy
  • Henrik
  • Ashton
  • Jamie


  • Valentine's day/Carnival
  • St paddy's day/1st Half Easter
  • 2nd Half Easter/April Fools Day
  • Cherry Blossom Festival/Mother's Day
  • Summer Luau/Curriculum Magi
  • Starlight Jubilee/Summer Fest.
  • Comet Con/Father's Day
  • Maple Mornings/Pirate Bash
  • Halloween/Teacher Day
  • Thanksgiving/Flag Day
  • Christmas/Winter Luau

Social Features

  • Comments
  • Friends
  • Terms of Service

Your custom worker template nowadays

  • Name/Surname
  • Birthdate



  • Starting to work (Start the game)
  • Helping you (Hire a server)
  • A custom 2 workers (Hire a server using the custom worker and having a custom worker)
  • A 2 hired workers (Hire a server using Cooper or Prudence and having Prudence or Cooper)
  • A new friend (Get 1 friend)
  • Commenter (Comment 1 thing)
  • Successful Worker (Get Great Success at Cooking Curriculum 1 time)
  • Super Successful Worker (Get Great Success at Cooking Curriculum 5 times)

rest of them returned

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