its a fanmade dating SIM game where you can date with boys


2/10/2016-New Game

3/10/2016-New Feautre:Stylish Stickers

4/10/2016-Renewed Gacha and New Event Mafia In

4/10/2016 again-New Boy Coming Soon

5/10/2016-New Boy! Chan

6/10/2016-New Boy Coming Soon and Gacha

8/10/2016-New Boy! Steve


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chapter 2(Ike)


PhotoGrid 1475776975465

chapter 2(Steve)

  • Ike
  • Daniel
  • Sanjay
  • Chan
  • Steve(NEW)
PhotoGrid 1475606804831

chapter 2(Sanjay)

Dress Up Clothing

  • Heroine's Airy Long Hair(Brown)
  • Heroine's Bow(Blue)
  • Heroine's Style
  • Heroine's Eyes(Grey)
  • Heroine's Mouth
  • Salika Set
  • Cute Bow Necklace
  • Mafia Airy Long Hair
PhotoGrid 1475611699176

chapter 2(Daniel)

  • Casual Style
  • Mafia Shoes
  • Mafia One Piece
  • Mafia Hat
  • His Mafia Style
  • His Mafia Hat
  • His Mafia Gun and Cape
  • Mafia Gun and cape
  • Mafia Gun Blinders Eyes
  • Mafia Mouth
  • Glossy Lips
  • Mafia Wavy Long Hair
  • Moon Necklace
  • Kimono
  • Star Hair Clip
  • Key Apron One Piece Style
  • (Him)Key Crystal Shirt
  • (Him)Key Crystal Pants
  • (Him)Key Crystal Shoes
  • Key and Cape
  • Key Straight Long Hair
  • (Him)Key Hat and Tobaco Set
  • (Him)Secret Key Style
  • Strawberry Earrings


Mafia In


In The Secret Key Garden...(Event To Mafia In)
IMG 20161002 172139


PhotoGrid 1475777017728
PhotoGrid 1475616029135

Coming Soon

PhotoGrid 1475514323256


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