Sushiria Deluxe Logo

The logo

Papa's Sushiria is now in Deluxe!


  • 24/12/2016- announced! and Kei Senato is now announced to be a customer of this game first appearance!
  • 25/12/2016- guess what? we now have badges again but stickers are staying too.
    Point Exchange Proof
  • AGAIN(1)- logo revealed,but this time,for japan,not only that, they can also be with other countries
  • ONCE AGAIN(1)- Chain,Kei,Kaito,Rindoh,Shiroya,and Makotia are time locals, news reporters of FLIPLINE NEWS CHANEL 1,Soichiro and Mainata,Kenichi,Kokata,Ashota,Mokota,Hakuro,Kankato,Kikyo,and Fuyukiku are rank locals,and Uchiri and Yaka are closer locals!
  • 26/12/2016- packs and new holidays which are Year Memories, Love Is In Air, Saint Paddys Day, Easter, Spain Day, The Summer, 4th Of July, ChiliFest, Mornings, Child's Day, Papa's Pancakeria Anniversary, and Papa's Cupcakeria Aniversary.
  • 27/12/2016- i started my contest of japanesse fan made customer and my sing ups are open.
  • 1/1/2017- sorry for no update but we now have to make to top 100
  • 3/1/2017- we can also have point exchange from Foodini's minigames
  • 4/1/2017- we can also have custom dinning room
  • AGAIN(2)- we can also have gachas,events,map,and social media
  • ONCE AGAIN(2)- we can also have holiday specials,mouth acc.,eye acc.,necklace,back acc.,tie,vest,jacket,earrings(boy or girl),dress,shirts,pants and skirts
  • 6/1/2017- the same stations but we can have side station! also, it will be relased tomorrow! ^^
  • 5/10/17 Papa's Sushiria DE! Is released

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