Papa Louie: When Donuts Attack is a fan game adopted by 21EvanED155508


  • Ground Pound
  • Double Jump
  • Dashing
  • Gliding
  • Wall Climbing
  • Swim Boost
  • Crawling
  • Sling (New) Allows the player to use their weapon as a hook, to slide on a rope to get past walls and to undiscovered places.


Character Special Skill


Hermat Glide Plush Dragon (Whip)
Sal Wall Climb Books (Thrown)
Scooter Double Jump Cherry Bombs (Thrown)
Tony None Chocolate Bombs (Thrown)
Ember None Water Hose (Whip)
Taylor None Ear Buds (Whip)
Wendy None Gears (Thrown)
Johnny None Axe (Melee)
Kahuna Ground Pound Surfboard (Melee)
Bertha Ground Pound Whistle (Whip)
Big Pauly Ground Pound Pepper Bombs (Thrown)
Foodini Ground Pound Balloon Whip (Whip)
Scarlett Double Jump Microphone (Melee)
Peggy Double Jump Lasso (Whip)
Connor Double Jump Basketballs (Thrown)
Timm Double Jump Dance Moves (Melee)
Lisa Dash Jump Rope (Whip)
Pinch Hitwell Dash Baseball Bat (Melee)
Willow Dash Skull Boomerand (Thrown)
Alberto Dash Soccer Balls (Thrown/Kicked)
Julep Gliding Umbrella (Melee)
Professor Fitz Gliding Beaker Bombs (Thrown)
Papa Louie Gliding Pizza Paddle (Melee)
Xandra Gliding Rainbow Rope (Whip/Thrown)
Ninjoy Wall Climbing Jiujitsu (Melee)
Sarge Fan Wall Climbing Plush Onions (Thrown)
Radlynn Wall Climbing Plush Radishes (Thrown)
Robby Wall Climbing Anchor (Whip)
Captain Cori Swim Boost Flag (Melee)
Gremmie Swim Boost Lobster (Whip)
Utah Swim Boost Tiki Torch (Melee)
Ivy Swim Boost Loopy Planes (Thrown)
Greg Crawling Yo-Yo (Whip)
Tohru Crawling Jacket (Melee)
Georgito Crawling Moneybag (Melee)
Nevada Crawling Japanese Fan (Melee)
Rudy Sling Electric Guitar (Melee)
Akari Sling Bananazooka (Thrown)
Cletus Sling Shovel (Melee)
Crystal Sling Diamond Necklace (Whip)

Levels and Missions

Level One: Marshmallow Meadows

  1. Rescue Ember
  2. Rescue Taylor
  3. Rescue Wendy
  4. Rescue Johnny
  5. Collect 5 Lollipops
  6. Defeat 3 Donutdragons
  7. Collect 100 Coins

Boss Target:Ankilo-Mazola

Level Two: Banana Boat River

  1. Rescue Kahuna
  2. Rescue Peggy
  3. Rescue Bertha
  4. Rescue Lisa
  5. Collect 5 Gummy Worms
  6. Defeat 3 Sundaesteins
  7. Collect 100 Coins

Boss Target:Shogun Basher/Chon Ladon

Level Three: Dreamsicle Clouds

  1. Rescue

Boss Target:Drity Xelon

Level Four: Merengue Fields

Boss Target:Cusine

Level Five: Lollipop Lanes

Boss Target:Jellyclops

Level Six: Bubblegum Bitlands

Boss Target:Bupa Teer

Level Seven: Cinnamon Caves

Boss Target:Captain Cinnamon

Level Eight: Peanut Crush Bridge

Boss Target:Shroomsoul

Level Nine: Radley's Castle

Boss Target:Radley Madex

Level 10 : Jelly Marsh

One. Rescue Sal and Hermat

Boss Target:Caetai Gelvin (Female Paragon Final Boss)