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We're celebrating Halloween all month long on Papa Louie Fanon Wiki!

Willow Halloween

Hey this is 21EvanED155508 the main admin on Papa Louie Fanon Wikia. You can make as many pages you like as long as they aren't blank. If you leave pages just blank, you will have 2 warnings and if you don't add any info to the page or others you create, you will be blocked for a estimate time of 2 hours. If you create vandalism and deleting pages without my permission or the pages I created, you will be blocked for 2 months. Also, if your chatting with someone, please NO Swearing at all in the chat. If you link users to another website or wikia, that's fine but DONT LINK ANYONE To a website if it gives them a virus or it contains scary jumpscares. To read more about our behavior guidelines, please click here: Happy Editing! If you have any other questions feel free to message me on my wall (21EvanED155508) or contact the other admins (RainbowRacoon2400, Laundry Machine, JK55556ThatMinecrafterDJImpala2016Susan, Alika87, TinaCom, Doghouse665, CreeperSlimePig, MonteCarlo2007, Anthony045Barry6767, Caprice94, Cutsiesunflower, Flora001, Fauna02, Merryweather03, Lapis Lacooli, DisneyPrincessFan11, Koilee Romano and Ellis Sparkly.)

Our next goal is to reach 2000 pages by Thanksgiving.

Oh, and also, we're sorry, but Ellis or other admins will have to block users under 12 from contributing to this site until they turn 13 due to COPPA.

Anyways, happy editing!


Evan's Monthly Poll

Do you want to see the KCP Winners with flipdecks?

The poll was created at 08:26 on October 1, 2017, and so far 29 people voted.

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