An Anime with Chain Horuki and Hakuro Mikishi as heroes and Kaito Sen,Sarge,Radley Maddish,Luau Le Punch,Rindoh Hun,and Johnny Mapleas as villans.


Chain's House

Hakuro's House

Eliot's House

Eliot's Room

Land Of Munchmore

X World


Eliot and Hakuro are friends now?

Sarge destroying the world?

Or Killing People?

EP. #1-The Beggining

Chain: Hi Hakuro,can we be friends?

Hakuro: Sure

Eliot: Can i be friends with Hakuro

Hakuro: Yes!

Eliot: Yay!

Sarge: Sh*t! I lost my chance to destroy Sakura Bay and Japan!

Radley Maddish: Yeah,but.....How about enegery drink?

Sarge: Sure! *drinks*

Radley: Im sure that Sakura Bay and Japan will be destroyed

Sarge: Yeah!

Rindoh: Hi guys,can i destroy Sakura Bay and Japan with both of you?

Sarge: Yes!

Rindoh: Yay!


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