Perri is a female character who made her first appearance in Papa's Cheeseria. She is the inventor in The Hippity Hop Club and plays the keytar in The Rainbows.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Toastwood

Perri is an enthusiastic cyclist from the town of Toastwood. An environmentalist at heart, her only mode of transportation is her trusty bike she calls “Old Blue”. Perri has a peculiar home on the outskirts of town. A while back, she purchased one of Toastwood's last remaining windmills. Perri repaired and converted it into a tiny wind-powered house. There she lives with her pet bluebird, Tart. Perri & Tart often take part in various cycling fundraisers. The most recent being Pedal for the Larks, a bike ride to raise money to protect the Brussel Larks.


Perri is a young female with blonde hair, wears a royal blue tank top with light blue spiral patterns, with a pair of gold-striped glasses tucked to the collar. She also has a light blue eyeliner, wears white pants and a pair of gold gloves, gold-laced blue sneakers with white accent, a winged two-toned white cap with blue trim, where her pet bluebird, Tart, perches itself.


  • She is one of the friends of Sunny.
  • She and Wylan B lost in Papa's Next Chefs 2017.
  • Perri is the sixth customer to have a pet, and is the fourth customer to bring it wherever he or she goes.
  • Her signature colors are blue and yellow, as they can be seen in her clothing, Tart, and in most of her orders.
  • She is the last Papa's Cheeseria debutant to have a Flipdeck.
  • She won Pinkie's Next Chefs.

Pinkie's Next Chefs

  • She defeated Olivia and Trishna winning the Razzle Dazzle Division with Austin. She then defeated Boomer in the semifinals and Cherissa in the grand finals winning the tournament with Austin.