Quinn is a female character who made her first appearance as a closer in Papa's Taco Mia!

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tacodale

Occupation: Lawyer

Loves: Coffee 

Hates: Long Lines

Quinn is one of the top lawyers in town, and offers legal representation for Papa Louie and his many franchises. Her law firm is now called “Just Quinn and Associates” after her longtime partner Timm abruptly left. Quinn only finds time once a week to dine out, and can be extra picky with her meals.


Quinn's outfit includes a light gray blouse, purple coat with black patterns and skirts with the same design. A pocket watch is pinned to the left side of her jacket. She wears maroon shoes with black soles and laces.


  • Quinn is never a customer in any of Papa's Resturants. She will always be a closer forever.
  • She does not want anybody walking in her house without her permission.