Rhonda is a female customer who makes her debut as a closer in Papa's Cheeseria.

Flipdeck Info Edit

Hometown: Toastwood Likes: Churros Hates: Tolls Occupation: Truck Driver

Rhonda is a hard working trucker for PXD Freight. She’s almost always on the road, and can usually be spotted driving her giant eighteen-wheeler, which she lovingly refers to as "Josephine". One day, after delivering a large shipment to Tacodale, Rhonda met a burly biker by the name of Rico. Sharing a love for the open road and chili, the two immediately hit it off. Now, the couple travels together, with Rico trailing behind Rhonda's truck on his rumbling motorcycle.

Appearance Edit

Rhonda is a black woman with dark brown hair. She wears a red bandana with wooden brown beads on it. She wears a brown-buttoned blue shirt and brownish-red skirt. She also wears dark brown belt with a wood brown accent. To complete her look, she wears a pair of black shoes with brown accent, that has blue laces.


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