Rhonda is a female character makes her debut as a closer in Papa's Cheeseria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Toastwood Likes: Churros Hates: Tolls Occupation: Truck Driver

Rhonda is a hard working trucker for PXD Freight. She’s almost always on the road, and can usually be spotted driving her giant eighteen-wheeler, which she lovingly refers to as "Josephine". One day, after delivering a large shipment to Tacodale, Rhonda met a burly biker by the name of Rico. Sharing a love for the open road and chili, the two immediately hit it off. Now, the couple travels together, with Rico trailing behind Rhonda's truck on his rumbling motorcycle.


Rhonda is a black woman with dark brown hair. She wears a red bandana with wooden brown beads on it. She wears a brown-buttoned blue shirt and brownish-red skirt. She also wears dark brown belt with a wood brown accent. To complete her look, she wears a pair of black shoes with brown accent, that has blue laces.