Summer is a female customer who made her appearance as a closer in Papa's Donuteria Deluxe Edition!

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Powder Point

Loves: Summer Luau

Hates: Celery

Occupation: Student at Tastyville High School

Meanwhile in her past Summer had a bestfriend named, Katie they were friends forever until one day Katie decided to turn her back on her and one day got her in trouble in class Summer was falsely accused of punching her teacher, which Katie did to her without noticing. Summer ended up being expelled and wasn't allowed to come back and she was grounded for 2 years, which changed her life and now has a boyfriend named Salazar. She doesn't like being called Blondie because she thinks people are referring her as a treat served on a sundae, which actually is the most stupidest thing that's she's ever got upset with so far. She has new friends, Henrietta, Bianca, Julianna, Boomer, Penny, Yui, Connor, Alberto, Scooter, Cooper and Prudence. Summer no longer wants to have anything to do with Katie due to becoming a bully and getting her expelled from school, She's only nice to her best friends, but isn't friendly to other people.


She makes her appearance with Blonde Hair with a Black Visor, she has fair skin, she wears a yellow tank with blue waves, a blue skirt and pink shoes with white laces.


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