Surf Shack is a sporting goods store that is located next door to Papa's Freezeria in Calypso Island. Kahuna is the owner of the store.

Along with surfboards, and all kinds of surfing gear, the Surf Shack also sells do-it-yourself straw hats, Summer Luau style gear, and "unique ukuleles." A catalog (with Chuck as the cover model) is published every summer. [1]

Gaming tip: During the starting sequence, players can figure out the 3rd customer's order by examining the surfboards next to the shack. The first surfboard tells the size (3=Large, 2=Medium, 1=Small). The second surfboard tells the mixable (a purple snowboard with white dots means marshmallows). The third surfboard tells the syrup (a green surfboard with a white cross pattern means mint).

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